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A Hadith on an “Effeminate” Man

Next time someone dares to tell you that Islam doesn’t recognize the existence of multiple genders and that it’s unnatural for people to behave in a way that everyone else in their gender group seems to behave in, at least in public.

A story related in Qushayri’s Risala (trans. Knysh, pg 154):

It is related on the authority of Abd al-Wahhab b. Abd al-Majid al-Thaqafi that he said: “Once I saw a funeral bier [pass by] that was carried by three men and one woman. So I took the place of the woman and we headed toward the cemetery. We prayed over it [the bier] and buried it. Then I asked the woman: ‘What relation was he to you?’ She answered: ‘He was my son.’ I asked: ‘Don’t you have any neighbors [to help you]?’ She answered: ‘I do have neighbors, but they despised him.’ I asked: ‘Who was he then?’ She answered: ‘He was effeminate.’ I felt pity for her, so I took her to my house and gave her some money, grain and clothing. I went to sleep that night and, in my dream, I saw a visitor, who shone like a full moon. He was dressed in a white garment. He began to thank me. I asked him: ‘Who are you?’ He answered: ‘I am that effeminate man, whom you buried today. My Lord has bestowed mercy on me because of people’s contempt for me.’ ”

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  1. Unfortunately, you will find many ifs ands and buts by the “muslimeen” of today because it just does not suite their minute way of thinking(if you want to call it that).


  2. Love this! And what’s wrong with a man identifying his more feminine side anyway… and that a woman identifies with her masculinity. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your readership! 🙂
      Absolutely agreed – we should embrace all sides of us, whether masculine, feminine, something in between, neither, or whatever else – or, heck, ALL!

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  3. Nice to read this one. I believe in loving everyone as long as they are harmless to the society.
    What is this Qushayri risala, by the way ??
    And one more thing a man effeminate in nature(which he cannot change) is yet supposed to be not dressed or behave ike females.
    Just asking.
    I think there is some hadees stating something similar.


  4. Im an effeminate boy, i have the mannerisms and voice like a female too. I do consider myself gay but i think marriage is not in my fate in thjs life, im fine being single however i didnt choose to feel this way, neither did i choose to act feminine. Its in my nature. This was truly inspiring. I just wish the muslim community had more tolerance with people like us.



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