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Goodbye, 2014!! You were terrible to me.

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Happy 2015! May it bring us all peace, happiness, and joy — and while I’m at it, lemme also pray for world peace, meh — aameen!

I’ve never been as anxious for a year to be over as I was for 2014. It was the most miserable, most stressful year of my life, and I pray no one ever go through such a year, ever. But I remain hopeful. No use being anxious about any possible bad things that’ll be taking place this year.

10408091_797949656907440_4294335441946925166_nI started it off hopeful, though. When 12:00 was striking, I had just gotten out of the theater after having watched Frozen, a move I interpreted as one that’ll be indicative of lots of happy surprises for the new year (I wrote about “Frozen” and the new year and all over at the old blog; click here if interested). Surprises came, all right, but they weren’t happy at all. The year started well the first couple of weeks, maybe even all of January, but bad things started coming in mid-February. There was hell for several months afterwards related to February, and then summer in Oman happened where I (sort of) got in trouble with the U.S. State Department for speaking my mind in a country where such is a crime (the State Dept was like, “Yo, you can’t do that! Let’s try to get you out of there before the Omani government finds out you did that!” So they meant well, kind of. Long story, and I have no intentions of discussing it in a public blog). Then a whole bunch of bad things happened in August, September, and it’s been downhill from there till mid-December. Even for the rest of the world, all the terrorism that’s taken place – in Pakistan (December 16, 2014 #NeverForget!), in the U.S. (all the police terrorism that’s been taking place especially against black people – black men AND women), in Australia, in Ukraine… the flights that went missing and were recovered with horrifying news for the passengers’ and crews’ loved ones…. and so on.

Sure, plenty of goodness took place in 2014, too, for me personally and for the world, at large: I’ve made some awesome new friends, I’ve accomplished a few more things (hamdallah), and so on. As for the world, Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize and rocked the world! But overall … overall, y’all, it’s been a painful one. But let’s not think about negative stuff 🙂 Let’s be positive! Let’s be hopeful!

In thinking about the trying months that accompanied 2014 and in being hopeful for 2015 despite it all, it occurred to me that perhaps we put too much pressure on the concept of a “new year.” I won’t deny that this concept exists, because it does, but but but but … what if shit happens to us because it just does? Sure, when lots of shit happens in the same year, we decide that it wasn’t the year we’d hoped for, so that’s where the whole “this year” comes in, but we know, as humans, that shit is going to happen… and yet, we are disappointed when a certain kind of shit happens. Exactly what kind of shit are we expecting? Good shit? So, yeah, shit’s gonna happen (this is a reminder to myself), qrratugak, BUT let’s hope it’s much, MUCH better shit than last year’s one.

So … be good, people! May this new year be better than 2014! Aameen.

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  1. happy new year to you and your dear ones


  2. A Very Very Happy New Year to You and Your Family 🙂


  3. Happy New Year to you and yours; may it be a brilliant one 🙂


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