Speaking of Period …

This poem is beautiful. It’s brilliant. It’s love. A perfect companion to a recent piece of mine on patriarchy’s efforts at devaluing women’s bodies by viewing their menstruation as something disgusting, ugly, and impure.

I could listen to this for eternity. Love to all menstruating girls and women out there. Solidarity to you all. May we all come to love ourselves, our bodies, our period as a blessing and not as an impure, disgusting, ugly source of discomfort and pain. Aameen.


About Orbala

I want it to rain on my wedding day, pliss.
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4 Responses to Speaking of Period …

  1. anarkaytie says:

    WOC ftw!
    Amazing, furious, vital, energising poetry.
    Going to share this around , mmm-hmmm!


  2. Awesome. Thank you for sharing. I’m passing it on too.


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