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When you access amazon through my blog (& buy something), i get referral points!

So, here’s the deal, good folks: when you access from my blog and buy something–whatever, anything, not necessarily the products I’ve linked to– Amazon pays me a small advertising fee. ‘Cause Amazon thinks I’m promoting the thing you bought.

I don’t get to know who’s buying which things; I only get to see what I’m earning from what products. Here’s how it works:

1. When you want/need to buy something from Amazon, come to my blog first and click any link on my blog that’ll take you to It used to work better before where I could have Amazon banners and links on the side of my blog, but for some reason, that doesn’t work out anymore. My suggestion would be to just go to the Books on Islamic Feminism tab at the top of this blog and click any link there going to Amazon. Or: Any of the books here (a list of books that take place in Pashtun-majority areas). Or click any of the topics under “Books on Amazon” on the right hand side of my blog. Or maybe you’d be interested to browse through this reading list on Pakistan ’cause neither Islamic feminism/gender stuff nor Pashtuns pique your interest, gosh. Look, just click SOMEthing, okay, pliss? ❤
2. Once on the Amazon site, you can search for whatever you need. By accessing Amazon from this blog, what happens is that the URL then includes a code that tells Amazon “Yo, I came here through Orbala’s blog. Be sure to note that.” Then what happens, you see, is that that code follows you wherever you are on amazon so long as you don’t close the browser. And I get paid the tiny advertising fee depending on the price of the thing you’re buying.
3. The last step is to feel amazing that your purchase has benefited a good human being (that’d be me) who’s sending you all kinds of good wishes from across the screen. ❤


It’s not a whole bunch of money, but it sort of adds up over the years. I’ve noticed that in December, people buy a whole bunch of stuff on Islamic feminism, and my earnings page looks real pretty ❤ Good vibes to all those who’ve already purchased something.

I recommend this to other bloggers as well. Become an Amazon associate to make money every once in a while. Since I’m not allowed to use this deal for my own self (accessing Amazon from my blog to buy things), I’m happy to support other bloggers doing it. Let me know!

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