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One Month After the Peshawar Attack – a song celebrating Pakistani children

It was exactly one month ago (December 16, 2014 – #NeverForget!) that well over 170 children were killed in the attack in a Peshawar school called Army Public School. (I know the media, including Pakistani media, is claiming that 130 kids were killed in it, but sources I trust say the number is way, way higher than that. So I’m sticking to at least 170. May they all rest in […]

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The desire for white children and grandchildren

One of my closest friends is a black American, and she and, being a Pakistani Pashtun as well as a Muslim American, I share a ton of things in terms of some of our experiences with racism, discrimination, and other layers of marginalization (the discriminations I’ve faced have been nothing compared to what she faces, though). She’s Muslim as well. Recently, our conversations have been mainly on racism and being […]

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Goodbye, 2014!! You were terrible to me.

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Happy 2015! May it bring us all peace, happiness, and joy — and while I’m at it, lemme also pray for world peace, meh — aameen! I’ve never been as anxious for a year to be over as I was for 2014. It was the most miserable, most stressful year of my life, and I pray no one ever go through such a year, ever. But […]

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