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a song for Afghan refugees in Pakistan: Pekhawara Afghanan che khapa na krre by Naghma

With Pakistan evicting some 600,000 Afghan refugees by the end of this year alone, this song, sung by Naghma in 2011 (I think?), is so real and relevant it’s heartbreaking. Song is at the bottom of the lyrics. The Pashto … Continue reading

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Terms of Endearment in Pashto

Below are the many different ways to address the person you love – in Pashto. Needless to say, I’m missing many words, so please free to suggest more. These are the ones I use with my nephews and niece. Yes, … Continue reading

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The “sh” and “kh” in Pashto: on Pashto dialects – and Pashto-learning materials

I’m pasting the below from the old blog. Click here to read the comments there; they might be useful for a better understanding of this dialect business. A good Formspring question! Who says Peshawar and who says Pekhawar? It seems … Continue reading

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11 things wrong with Pashto music today – with gifs

Pre-post: Importing the following post from the old blog (click for a great discussion in comments on the state of Pashto music today). I love my language, I love Pashto music (generally), I love my people (for the most part), … Continue reading

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Samar Minallah Khan – anthropologist and human rights activist

Pasting the following brief intro to Samar Minallah from my old blog: Continuing our discussion on Pashtun leaders, both past and contemporary, we present to you – – – Samar Minallah. I’ve been meaning to write about her for over … Continue reading

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Khuga Pekhawara (Pashto poem – with English translation)

Pashto poetry, when done well, is moving and inspiring and leaves the reader/listener speechless. That’s why I’ve always avoided it – ’cause I can’t do that much justice to a language every other word of which is so poetic and … Continue reading

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Who is the Bibi Shirina in Sardar Ali Takkar’s new song, “Ta Bibi Shirina Ye”?

I’ve just found out that Sardar Ali Takkar, one of the most beautiful, most important musicians of all time, will be performing at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony tomorrow, December 10th; Malala Yousafzai personally invited him to sing this song … Continue reading

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the Non-Violent Soldier of Islam

Pasting directly from the old blog. Continuing our series on Pashtun Leaders. What better day than August 14th to write about the prominent Pashtun leader and thinker, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan – popularly known as Baacha Khan (or Badshah Khan)! … Continue reading

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Ghani Khan – Philosopher, Poet, Sculptor

Again: Pasting from the old blog! (Just a reminder, I’ll be doing this with most of the posts from there! So please be patient in case you’re getting too many notifications from me with the updates.) Khan Abdul Ghani Khan … Continue reading

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Khairey: Pashto Curses, Insults, and Verbal Abuses in the Pashtun Culture

Again, pasting from the old blog. “Khairey” is the Pashto equivalent of the English term “curses” or “evil wishes.” But what distinguishes khairey from the English curses is that khairey are common in the Pashtun culture and are usually called upon by … Continue reading

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