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The Link Between Authority and Knowledge – or: how knowledge is gendered

Nobody believes me when I say authority has everything to do with gender (well, okay, some people do believe me, especially the Muslim feminists – God bless you all!). I’ll write on this–i.e., on how knowledge is gendered, on how … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Feminist Ramadans, Feminist Jihads, and Unnecessary Feminist Sacrifices

Beloved readers, The following is a guest post by The Fatal Feminist, whom we have quoted on this blog before and who everyone should know because she has an amazing blog and she’s an amazing writer – God put even … Continue reading

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The Prophet’s Wives Were Not Happy Co-Wives – and what happens when Muslim women say this out loud

A Note to Islamophobes excited to find something they can present as proof of a Muslim woman’s “oppression” because of Islam: This post is not an attack on Islam (I’m a Muslim and always will be; you can’t take that … Continue reading

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The Haraam List

Because this led to great conversations on the old blog! (Copying verbatim from there. Just a reminder: I’ll be doing this with many blog posts from that older blog, k?) P.S. Please be advised in advance that this is a … Continue reading

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