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The Link Between Authority and Knowledge – or: how knowledge is gendered

Nobody believes me when I say authority has everything to do with gender (well, okay, some people do believe me, especially the Muslim feminists – God bless you all!). I’ll write on this–i.e., on how knowledge is gendered, on how … Continue reading

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Speaking of Period …

This poem is beautiful. It’s brilliant. It’s love. A perfect companion to a recent piece of mine on patriarchy’s efforts at devaluing women’s bodies by viewing their menstruation as something disgusting, ugly, and impure. I could listen to this for … Continue reading

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Hypocritical Expectations of Women: how patriarchy devalues women’s private parts – menstruation and public breastfeeding

Pre-script: I actually had no intentions of writing about menstruation any time soon on my blog, although I’ve thought about doing so, as I discussed here. But being disgusted with the way that Instagram responded to Rupi Kaur’s photo of … Continue reading

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What exactly does “be yourself, be YOU” mean?

I’m doing a whole bunch of thinking about myself lately, so expect more of this kind of blogs. I try to keep away from sharing personal reflections in my blog, but to hell with it all now; I’ll write about … Continue reading

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