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Why do so many Pakistanis hate Malala?

Pakistan has to be the most creative country in the world with its conspiracy theorists. Look them up if you’re interested, but I’m most fascinated by the anti-Malala rhetoric being produced in Pakistan or by Pakistanis outside of the country. Believe it – there are humans (Pakistanis) with plenty of time on their hands to hate a teenager with passion, manipulate her story, and mislead other fellow Pakistanis. It’s not […]

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Why Malala Yousafzai Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize – and stop simplifying her story, folks.

Because today, December 10, 2014, is the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, and Malala is there along with many other Pashtuns. The post below is basically copied and pasted from my Facebook status about the matter. Since it wasn’t intended as a formal write-up and was written in a rush, there may be many typos and disjointed thoughts. Apologies in advance for those. SO INFINITELY PROUD that Malala has won the […]

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