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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Malalai of Maiwand, the Heroine of the Second Anglo-Afghan War

Pasting the following from the old blog (click for the comments, if interested). Since it was written ages ago, excuse the writing style!  I might re-visit and polish it eventually … or maybe I should do that soon because people … Continue reading

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Samar Minallah Khan – anthropologist and human rights activist

Pasting the following brief intro to Samar Minallah from my old blog: Continuing our discussion on Pashtun leaders, both past and contemporary, we present to you – – – Samar Minallah. I’ve been meaning to write about her for over … Continue reading

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Why Malala Yousafzai Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize – and stop simplifying her story, folks.

Because today, December 10, 2014, is the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, and Malala is there along with many other Pashtuns. The post below is basically copied and pasted from my Facebook status about the matter. Since it wasn’t intended as … Continue reading

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the Non-Violent Soldier of Islam

Pasting directly from the old blog. Continuing our series on Pashtun Leaders. What better day than August 14th to write about the prominent Pashtun leader and thinker, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan – popularly known as Baacha Khan (or Badshah Khan)! … Continue reading

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Ghani Khan – Philosopher, Poet, Sculptor

Again: Pasting from the old blog! (Just a reminder, I’ll be doing this with most of the posts from there! So please be patient in case you’re getting too many notifications from me with the updates.) Khan Abdul Ghani Khan … Continue reading

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