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Punjabi-Pashtun and Pashtun-Punjabi Racism and Hatred in Pakistan

Pre-pre-script: The comments on this article were quite phenomenal, many of them reiterating my point. To read them, please click here (scroll a little down on the page to view them). Pre-script: I realize I’m using “Pukhtun” and “Pashtun” interchangeably – because they are the same thing. I don’t use “Pathan” because many Pashtuns mind that name and see it as a distortion of the original “Pashtun/Pukhtun.” This is going […]

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On Pakistan’s Sick Choice to Expel Afghan Refugees from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

I almost feel bad for writing this because I think Pakistan’s choice to expel Afghan refugees out of the area is merely a clever tactic to divert people’s attention from the real problem facing Pakistan – militancy and what just happened in Peshawar. It thinks (and it looks like it’s right) that we are a stupid, mindless breed of people and will fall for their lie that our problems exist […]

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Why Malala Yousafzai Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize – and stop simplifying her story, folks.

Because today, December 10, 2014, is the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, and Malala is there along with many other Pashtuns. The post below is basically copied and pasted from my Facebook status about the matter. Since it wasn’t intended as a formal write-up and was written in a rush, there may be many typos and disjointed thoughts. Apologies in advance for those. SO INFINITELY PROUD that Malala has won the […]

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Pashtuns bringing up “shame” in the kidnapping of the 26+ Pashtun girls

The latest news regarding anything my people (the Pukhtuns) is that at least 26 girls from the Bajaur Agency (Pakistan side of the border) were discovered today, November 26th, in a home in Karachi, a home where they were being kept captive. The girls are between the ages of 8 and 10 and do not speak Urdu. One man and two women are currently in custody for interrogation. It looks […]

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The difference between “Pathan” and “Pashtun”/”Pakhtun”

Pasting this from the old bloggie. (lolz @ the writing style … I’m pasting it as it was originally written for my own amusement.) P.S. There’s a vibrant discussion taking place under the original posting over at my blogger blog. Click here to read it. A Formspring question! Yay! I edited it slightly by removing a part of it just because the public doesn’t need to know that. What’s the […]

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the Non-Violent Soldier of Islam

Pasting directly from the old blog. Continuing our series on Pashtun Leaders. What better day than August 14th to write about the prominent Pashtun leader and thinker, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan – popularly known as Baacha Khan (or Badshah Khan)! Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, also known as Bacha Khan (1890 – 1988) Bacha Khan Bacha Khan, father of Ghani Khan and Wali Khan, was born in 1890 in Utmanzai (Charsadda) […]

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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Ghani Khan – Philosopher, Poet, Sculptor

Again: Pasting from the old blog! (Just a reminder, I’ll be doing this with most of the posts from there! So please be patient in case you’re getting too many notifications from me with the updates.) Khan Abdul Ghani Khan (commonly known as Ghani Baba or Ghani Khan) (1914-1996) Ghani Khan was born in January 1914 in Utmanzai, Hashtnagar, in present-day Charsadda in Pakistan’s northwestern province of Khyber Pashtunkhwa. His […]

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