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Pashtun Personality of the Week: Bushra Gohar – A Remarkable Leading Politician

The following is being pasted from my old blog; click here for a discussion on the post. And at last, we continue on with our Pashtun leaders series … I’m going to stop apologizing for the delays in being consistent … Continue reading

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Pakistani Racism against Pashtuns: what it’s like hearing that a Pashtun man killed 10 relatives

The article below was originally published over at MuslimGirl.Net, titled “Misogyny Doesn’t Come from ‘Pashtun Culture.’” As a Muslim, I find it agonizing having to write about and recognize the injustice so prevalent in so many Muslim societies—mainly because of … Continue reading

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Punjabi-Pashtun and Pashtun-Punjabi Racism and Hatred in Pakistan

Pre-pre-script: The comments on this article were quite phenomenal, many of them reiterating my point. To read them, please click here (scroll a little down on the page to view them). Pre-script: I realize I’m using “Pukhtun” and “Pashtun” interchangeably … Continue reading

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